The White City Wordsmiths is a Belgrade-based creative writing workshop comprised of young, highly talented people writing poetry and prose in English. The workshop was created and coordinated by English Language Fellow Nathan William Meyer.



In 2014 Nathan William Meyer arrived in Serbia as the new Belgrade-based Fellow for the English Language Fellow Program – a US Department of State public diplomacy initiative, with a directive to teach academic speaking at the University of Belgrade and run English language projects through the local American Corner.


As the fall semester progressed, he was struck by certain students’ raw creativity and a desire to express themselves. They reminded him of being an undergraduate in Fresno, and how his best memories of university were of workshopping stories in author Steve Yarbrough’s creative writing classes.


This realization prompted him to start the White City Wordsmiths in 2015. Meeting after hours at the American Corner, they became a tribe of writers - shouting, laughing, and arguing over each other’s works with an infectious and inspiring energy. They challenged each other on their plotlines, brainstormed the characters’ motivations, debated on best collocations, and pushed every writer toward new and undiscovered creativity.



What started as an idea for a modest creative writing project supported by the English Language Fellow Program and the US embassy, found its roots in the creativity and hard work of each of the White City Wordsmiths and quickly surpassed everyone’s expectations.


The original goal was to produce a printed book and it quickly expanded to include an e-book, and then a public reading, and that also grew to a multi-city reading, and this year it has grown to become the inspiration for The Balkan Writers Project.