Creative Writing Workshop 2015/2016


This project has been completed!


Feel you have a story to tell, a poem to share? Do you love writing in English? Would you like a chance to improve your artistic skills and your knowledge of the English language?


White City Wordsmiths is starting up again!


We are looking for young talented writers to participate in this year's creative writing workshop!


The participants will have an opportunity to be published in our annual anthology and present their works at the promotional book reading, after the end of the workshop.


Short stories, creative nonfiction and poetry are the primary focus of this workshop, but all shorter literary genres will be welcome as well.



Participants should:


  • be able to submit complete works written in English for the workshop sessions.

  • regularly come to scheduled sessions and actively participate in the workshop and other related activities.

  • be willing to both receive and give constructive feedback.

  • be open to improving their literary and linguistic skills through dedicated individual work and cooperation with other participants.

  • feel confidant writing and communicating in English.



The workshop will start on November 12th and sessions will be held every other Thursday at 8 p.m. In the Belgrade American Corner (22, Makedonska Street).



If you want to participate:


Join our Facebook group no later then November 2nd. There, you will be able to find useful information and get to know us and your future workshop colleagues.