Once Upon the Balkans

Belgrade, 2017


The Balkan Writers Project is heading a dynamic project and art competition that calls for the involvement of anyone that is passionate about creative writing, filmmaking, and photography.

We want to bring together creative people from all over the Balkans (and beyond!) to help us form a

collaborative project where writing and visual arts work together to create a powerful and innovative narrative form. We look forward to working with you to create a multimedia storytelling event – an interactive evening of public reading and art competition at POLET on DECEMBER 22nd.

The selected works will be presented during the event, and our jury will select and award the best collaborative pieces in two categories - film and photography (with its accompanying writing piece). The 1st place in film category will receive the combined PRIZE OF $400, and the 1st place in photography the combined PRIZE OF $200!

After the event, all selected films, with a voiceover of the accompanying story or poem, will be

uploaded to the Balkan Writers Project YouTube channel, and all selected photographs will be displayed on our website!

We’re looking for filmmakers and photographers: amateurs and professionals alike – all who wish to create a short film or photograph(s) based on stories and poems selected during the first phase of the project. If you are curious and wish to collaborate with other creative people, we welcome your exploration of the chosen themes!

The stories and poems were cut down to a few keywords that are meant to reflect the theme or "feel" of each piece. Filmmakers and photographers interested in the project can choose the written works that most interest them, based on the keywords offered.


You can check out THE KEYWORDS for the stories or poems HERE!


Once you have chosen a written piece, you can apply for “Once Upon the Balkans” by emailing us the name of the piece you want. We will then send you the written piece in its entirety.

Feel free to apply for multiple written pieces!

Use the medium of film or photography to share with us your take on the piece(s) you select and join us in creating a unique blend of visual art and literature, becoming pioneers of this new form of storytelling!

The Call for Submissions is open until December 6th.

Scroll down for detailed instructions and specifications for film and photography:

Submission details for PHOTOGRAPHS

Submit your photo(s) to bwp.videotales@gmail.com with the subject: “Photo Submission”. Please include your name and e-mail address.
Submission Deadline: December 6th

Resolution: 300dpi

Orientation, aspect ratio and color scheme are all up to you!

Submission details for FILMS

Submit your film to bwp.videotales@gmail.com with the subject: “Film Submission”. Please include your name and e-mail address.
Submission Deadline: December 6th

length: 2-4 minutes     
resolution: minimum 720p     
ratio: 16:9

format: .mp4 or .avi

The film must be SILENT, but you can include background music (no lyrics, not overwhelming), free for use, and added in post-production.

Additional Information: If you are inexperienced and unsure whether you can meet the specifications, but are eager to participate, or you have additional questions, do not hesitate to e-mail us. Our tech support team is here to help.
We're looking forward to receiving your works!