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“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, Or so they say. Is this a limitless proverb? Does it apply to all? Or does it cunningly avoid Those who reject the idea of An all-powerful being That watches over? Are we just TV channels? Does our content depend on the level of oxygen in our lungs? Does it vary in accordance with the level of serotonin in our GI tract? Can it go in reverse? Who’s willing to find out? Could you check my metabolism for residual paranoia? I want to find out.

Photo: Sharon McCutcheon / Unsplash

My muscles are sore from all the thinking. I need to find out. Can you blame me? “Quod me nutrit me destruit” Is what they also say When they run out of excuses. Running was a good idea But I’m still none the wiser. This new hormone is a warmonger. It sets its battalions in my head And plots against my intestines Sipping from my adrenal glands. My kidneys will stray And I could drown in toxins. Sound the alarm! There’s a new officer in town. I hope he keeps the battalions in place If they haven’t already been poisoned. “You could try this herb, It might get your eyesight back.” The battalions went AWOL, Their fortifications destroyed. Can I talk to the being above? My eyes are unseeing, I’ve been held hostage for far too long. Could you take over? But before you take samples Of me Without consent from the family For medical research Stop speaking in tongues. They won’t understand. I’ve changed my mind – leave me intact. “She’s getting worse.” Please Please keep me alive Until I find out If what keeps you alive And makes you stronger Could still kill You in the end.

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