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An Honest Mistake

He opened the door to find them standing there, crying. A little girl with curly blond hair and a dark-haired boy, no older than twelve, with an older woman looming over them, making attempts to comfort them. He had already taken a few steps towards them when they noticed him. The children's cries turned to screaming the moment they saw him. The woman stood up and threatened to call the police. He froze, bewildered. Why were they acting like this? What was going on?

Photo: Clem Onojeghuo / Unsplash

She shouted something incomprehensible, grabbed a nearby vase and flung it at him. He winced as it flew by his head and smashed on the wall behind him. She completely lost it. He immediately took flight and didn't stop until he had left the yard. He slanted over the fence and started panting. Looking back towards the door, he was relieved to find that she didn't follow him. He had no clue as to what he did to deserve this kind of treatment... He had always been a caring and respectful husband and had always provided for her and the children... Yes... Always... How dare she do this to him with no explanation? He couldn't just let it slide... He had to do something... Maybe go back in and face her? Or get the police involved... Maybe that was a smarter thing to do. Yes... Definitely... He wasn't going to let her take his children away... It was then that he remembered something... He had no children.

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