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how are you

at the thought of you leaving i cannot help myself i already feel lonely even though you're right in front of me

at the thought of you not needing me, i cannot help but be afraid and silent, hoping for the best, not letting fear consume even more of me

how are you? i ask, for the eighth time in a desperate attempt not to let the conversation die

how are you? i ask, and let my desperation show and i feel my fears grow can you feel them, too?

Photo: Elvin Ruiz / Unsplash

i miss the days spent without questioning myself, i can't go back to them, until i repent for all the sinful wishes meant to keep you by my side, that i sent to heavens

and yet again, i ask: how are you? are you still true to the holy task you took upon yourself?

you don't answer you don't need to the answer is obvious but i am just a fool who wants to hear your voice i am a child still longing for her toys

do you even see me as i am? or am i just another bother another rock on your holy road or, maybe, just an ugly toad? or am i giving myself too much importance as far as i know, i could just be an invisible annoyance

and again – try ten: how are you? how do you do? i say as i fall in love more charmed by your commitment to your goal

#poetry #creativewriting #infatuation #insecurity

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