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mask shop

why be depressing

if you can be suppressing

all those needs and urges

to hide yourself from the judges

to hide your soul and your heart

that's just smart, smart, smart

don't show your face

don't show your thoughts

don't show your heart

don't let them know

Photo: Clem Onojeghuo / Unsplash

in this store are masks of all kinds masks for all minds laughing, crying angry, smiling birds and foxes all in boxes they are waiting for you to come in come on in

take your pick, dear friend if you want your pain to end make a choice, little boy leave or take this nice new toy choose wisely or surprise will get you with your pants off

we have a box ready for you just for you brand new

so what will you do? what will you say? will you just leave, or will you stay?

#creativewriting #poetry #masks #fantasy #pretending

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