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You are a little bit of everything. You are the way you walk and the way you talk, The laugh you let out when you hear something beautiful, And the tears you shed when you lose a loved one.

You are the tiny raindrops on a warm summer day, And the first sunray of a winter morning. You are the flavor of flowers, And the melody of the river flow.

You are the feelings you get when seeing the sunset, With the wind blowing gently through your hair. You are the wishes you make over your birthday cake, And all the dreams you’ve got to keep on going.

Photo: Alexa Mazzarello / Unsplash

You are a little bit of everything you go through, From the way you act when the world falls on your shoulders, To the strength you get to stand up again.

You are the pride of the triumphs, and the lessons of your failures. You are the days and nights, the seconds of every minute you exist And, most of all, of those in which you truly feel alive.

You are what you feel and what you do. Yes, this, and so much more, is you. The sum of millions and billions of details That make you special just the way you are.

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