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There is simply too much of everything. What do I want more than a way out? A way out is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It won't be long now; they'll ask you to do it all over again. You're smothering me. You push from the inside. You have to run away. You have to swim out of yourself. You have to crawl out of your lungs, it's too crowded in here. Divulge me. Break me. Unchain me. Leave me. Crack me open. Cauterize me. Forsake me. Where do I go now? Get up. Resist me.

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The rules are their only means of control. Why would you not want to run away from all this? Our hearts beat in sync now. Were you taken for granted too? I believe in change. Do you believe in change? Do you believe in me? As long as we're together, these walls will stand. You mend me. Stay here forever. This thought is my only offspring. It will hate me without a doubt. There are no loopholes in its immunity. It is almost inhumane. You're not smothering me; I'm sorry, it's the smoke. It’s trying to come inside. You have to stay away. You have to swarm in. “Let it in”, said the seer. Suppress me. Fix me. Hold me. Finish me. Uncoil me. Reduce me to what I used to be. Claim me; I’m your land. Your land is barren, it needs water. Where do I return? Get up. Resist me. Who am I to say where you go And what really matters to you? There is simply too much of everything And it clouds my judgment.

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