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When the night is young and the stars are high a She-wolf leaves Her den as Her hunting hour draws nigh She howls at the moon so beautiful and vain Her scream only marking the beginning of Her reign She's on the prowl the hunt is on with Her claws sharpened for the flesh She preys upon nimble and graceful She slowly draws near your mind is wailing She can smell your fear She's in for the kill and you are Her prey the dinner is served She'll enjoy the buffet in an elegant pounce She appears by your side in all Her majestic splendor full of confidence and pride She whispers in your ear "there's no need to be coy" you cannot escape Her masterful ploy until you succumb She will patiently wait She beckons you to follow give in to your fate a pair of hypnotizing hollow eyes gaze at you and never blink from a wolf face on Her skin in pitch-black ink two obsidian pupils give you a cold deathly stare until the curtains drop in the form of Her charcoal hair

Photo: Joonas Kääriäinen / StockSnap

make no mistake

all fall under her snare

for She leaves them paralyzed

in awe and despair

#creativewriting #poetry #night #predator #prey #fear #hunt

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