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Christmas Carols

It’s Christmas, and in a small street in a small town, a loud noise, a product of many voices singing alongside each other without any harmony, interrupts the silence that falls on the street.

The people singing are the local priest, Jacob, his wife Mary and their 15 or so children. They visit each and every family in the street and sing them a Christmas carol, wishing them good luck and Merry Christmas as they leave. Most people just go along with the entire thing, not wanting to make Father Jacob feel underappreciated, until they knock on the door of this young man, Mr Sam Green.

Photo: Jill Wellington / Pixabay

"Hello, hello," Father Jacob calls out merrily. „Merry Christmas and may God be with you on this holy day!“

"I’m sorry," Mr Green says. "My family and I don’t celebrate Christmas."

"What?" Mary approaches and stares at Sam, alongside one of her children, a teenage boy.

"I said - we don’t celebrate Christmas," Sam politely explains. "We don’t believe in God, and we don’t like the idea of making it this... We also don’t want faith in our daily lives. I appreciate the effort, but can you please move on to the next house?"

"Mr Green," Jacob frowns, "I know you are a scientist and I know that you believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution, which is just another nonsense people are using to hide the fact that God created the world and all on it, but can you at least give our Lord and Saviour a birthday wish?"

A woman’s head pops out behind Sam’s back, and a baby in her arms claps his hands. "Who is this man, Sam?" she asks her husband. "That priest who makes such noise down the street? He woke Mark up."

"We don’t make noise," Mary says loudly. "And I’m sorry we woke your son up, but Jesus Christ needs a birthday wish from all of his flock!"

"Mrs Parkins," Sam tells Mary, his tone quiet and polite, "we didn’t mean to make you or your husband angry. We just stated that we don’t share your beliefs, and that we don’t want you to sing us your carols. Do you want to come in for a cup of tea? Joan, please make us some tea."

"I’m sorry we got you all upset," Joan says politely. But as she leaves, she curses God and Jesus under her breath.

"Why not," Father Jacob says. "Something nice has to come out of you ignorant people!"

Jacob, Mary and their army of children of all ages enter the living room and sit on the couch. Baby Mark is playing with his toys, while the youngest of the Parkins’ children tries to play with him, but her mother slaps her hand, whispering how none of her kids are going to play with unbaptized babies, and the little girl sits on her seat.

Joan comes out of the kitchen, carrying the tea, and sits next to her husband.

"So, Father Jacob," Sam says, sipping his tea, „You said we were ignorant, but we aren't the ones who think a dead man can come alive!“

"It’s one of God’s miracles," Mary interrupts. "I don’t want you calling me stupid for my beliefs!"

"Well, I want the same," Sam says sternly. "Respect is the key. Also, your book is a work of art, rather than the word of God. It has been changed so many times, God has forgotten what he actually said!"

"Why are you showing disrespect to my wife?!" Jacob yells. "My wife is a better woman than that cow of yours will ever be!" Joan went pale.

"Father, please," she stands up. "Just because I’m not like you, it doesn’t make me a cow!" Sam nods, and kisses her on the lips, for a second. Mary wishes she had 15 pairs of hands.

"And you, you are the dumbest man I’ve ever seen."

Sam rolls his eyes. "That’s it, get out of my house! You will never come in here again! The theory of evolution at least explains how stupid humans can become!" The pastor and his family leave, and understandably, the following year when they sing the Christmas carols, they avoid the house of Sam and Joan Green.

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