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The Poem

So here I lay, again And I ponder There’s nowhere else to wander but within these thoughts Again No wonder

Nights are fueled with desire Our dreams provide serenity Your eyes guard my sanity And the closeness Your closeness cures each fallacy

Photo: Pexels / Pixabay

Don’t inquire Don’t stop and ponder Forbid the thoughts to wander For what they bring will shatter

Won’t deny the rapture Won’t let go of the pleasure Won’t resist the solid fact how surely and completely, my being you managed to capture

Still, despite the don’ts and won’ts the reminder comes as a punch to the deepest part of me giving thoughts a head start the heart must win the race That one loss tortured and tore So, the heart shall now win Over and over Again and again I refuse to turn away I will not let go of the world we created I will ignore your reality, And I will live And I will breathe Because our world is where I actually can.

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