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Surrogate Poem

Later that day

His head appeared

From under a blanket.

He didn’t yawn

Or rub his swollen eyes.

He didn’t get up or stretch his stiff limbs.

He didn’t take a piss and brush his teeth.

He was lying

And just lying.

What is the meaning of his lying?

Earlier that day

She wrote

“Body is there


to carry me.


do I know

I am body”

On her mobile phone.

What did she want to say?

At noon

They were sitting on a retaining wall

Exchanging poetry on their cellphones

Starting to feel hungry.

She touched his belly demonstratively and it gurgled.

He paused, thinking.

He placed his hand on her waist

And his ear on her chest:

“I see”.

What was it that he saw?

Photo: Pexels / Pixabay

Listen now, dumbass.