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“If” Poem

If you ever come back

Come in spring

You are more likely

To take a walk

And rays will guide you

To the lanes

I might be the green

Between the shades.

If you ever come back

Come in April

And have a coffee

In the small café

Squeezed in an alley

Off the main street

I might be the whirling scent

You can’t really see.

Photo: Unsplash / Pexels

If you ever come back

Come for the weekend

You will enjoy

Wide smiles and long drinks

You’ll be chatted up

And eased off

I might be a familiar consonant

In someone’s honeyed talk.

If you ever come back

Come in the morning

When a day’s just a promise

You want to fulfill

A light and easy hope

That things could get better

I might be the laughter

You hear in a street.

If you ever come back

Any year

You’ll see the places

You once held dear

And you will live another you

Because everything’s renewed

Still I might be a grey feather

That falls on your brim.

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