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The Captive

I’ve lost my freedom

In the Amazon rain forest.

How could I escape

When everything seems the same.

The legs, serpents, tied

But I fiercely try,

Clawing the path


Photo: Unsplash / Pexels

I have a beautiful red

Flower in my hands

That wants to fly.

I feel the soft soil of moors

Under my feet

And the mournful sounds

Echo in my mind.

But the waters of marshland

Arouse no fear,

Resplendent underworld

Bursting with dreamlike colors,

Blossoming chemistry

Reminiscent of dancing clouds -

I once lived above.

Pastoral songs fall from my lips

In the child’s footsteps

Lives my innocent laugh,

I will tear my robe down

To see if I

Still have

The wings of a butterfly.

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