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What happened with Alice after Wonderland?

(She had the most beautiful doll

with golden hair

and a princess dress)

What happened with Alice after Wonderland?

Did she ever meet the White Rabbit again?

Pretending to kill her,

imagining her death,

the details…

The night is becoming darker and his eyes greener;

-Alice is lost, lost in the rabbit hole!

Alice, Alice

-I lost my soul

Pretending, imagining

-I lost my soul

Shameless, restless

-I lost my soul

Strawberry ice cream, pills and desires like summer dresses

What happened with Alice after Wonderland?

Photo: Unsplash / Pixabay

Summer nights and warm, soft bed sheets;

Hurry up, hurry up

Or I will lose my head

Her skin, her warmth,

The words she never said

-Can’t remember her

Was she ever real?

This night is going to be less lonely with another glass and maybe a pill

… the day is still going to be there

-It’s only another glass, with another pill, maybe two

Alice, Alice, it never was enough

Eat me, drink me,

Never enough.

The night is beautiful and heartless,

but who counts loneliness and emptiness after a sleepless night…

I’m not going to fall in love;

The night is becoming colder,

I’m still afraid.

-What happened to Alice after Wonderland?

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