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I am you and you are me

Tiny grayish pebbles

On a desolate shore

Rolled by waves

Towards my body lying in awe

Rounded perfections

Indifferent, uninvolved

I pick one up

Like treasure from the vault

As if it was sacredness

Sent from God

Into my palm

Avid, yet cold.

The weight I feel

But I am its shape

The color I see

But I am its fate.

Substance, no longer,

Limits of all

Abruptly erased.

Human, I am not,

I am a cloud,

A wave,

A tree

Anything that moves

Or stands still,


I am,

Vibrating completeness,

Fiber of Supreme Being.

Photo: aitoff / pixabay

I am,

A particle and wholeness.

Now I can feel,


My lover

And God,

As we tremble

All as One



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