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There’s a song in my head

that I can`t write down;

words are spinning me around,

melodies are lulling me to sleep,

but I won't fall asleep.

Not yet.

Not until I find your eyes

following me to distant places.

Not until I find your scent

leading me through the maze of my feelings.

Not until I find your hand

comforting me through the sadness to come.

Not until I love you

and not until I write you a song.

Oh, lonesome nights and wordless fights

help me out!

I roam the streets, I roam my mind,

this yearning inside is keeping me restless.

I soar up high and dive all wild,

my desire is burning bright

and I`m afraid

you might feel it.

So, I wait.

Photo: TBIT / pixabay

I wait for your smile at the end of a dull day,

your arms around my shoulders telling me it’s okay.

I wait for the long walks and spicy talks

that send the cold nights’ shivers away.

I wait for your fingers to tell a story on my body,

Weaving it gently, spreading it softly.

I wait for the sorrow and ecstasy

clinging together, to fill our voids.

I wait for the flutters in my belly

to end this breathless anticipation,

to end it all

and begin it all.

How do we know the time has come?

My thoughts have tired me, words got bored, feelings escaped me,

oblivious sleep is gently pulling my eyelids …

C’mon lover,

lull me to sleep with my own song

and wake me up in my own dream,

our time is now.


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