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Relying or depending

on others’ understanding

of another’s overstanding


Can stand it

No more.

Having high hopes

No less,

Just low

Must slow down

A gypsy is whispering into my ear

Her lisp sounds like hissing in the grass

Her tongue longing to become a probe

Her thick lips feeling the tip of my earlobe

The tip of the iceberg

(she didn’t know)

So her gaze is frozen, fixed on this little hole, right ear

It causes the eclipse of a crystal ball, right here

in my head

(she didn’t know that)

Photo: pixel2013 / pixabay

She might hear me if I try screeching

- Help!

or I might just bleed instead

She is mindless of the reason

Her sole purpose isn’t soul searching

It’s soul digging / it’s all digging

Dig in, feed your spells

Hope she can hear me speak with inner self within herself

Those are my feelings

There, in the air, for her to catch them

Her vision is blurred by my visions of her happiness

She is scared she will get burnt if she ventures there

She’s prepared to burn at the stake unless they everlast

The lot is at stake

This state of affairs turns my face inside out

my stomach upside down

I cannot be upset because of the ups and downs

That set up her pace up and down

I am no better

I just slowed down


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