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Thrown out of the blue into the ocean

Immersed in reverse motion

Gasping for breath…

… diverts me from bursting bubbles into hysterical laugh

I know I’m in trouble

But this merry-go-round

Makes me merry instead

Should I be mad? Sad?

Rather be dead

But I’m not


It’s not an option to catch the wave

Or stretch time to the point of reaching the surface back again

I’ll let these two sink in

Positive thinking

Now I’m plunging a bit slower

Overwhelmed with layers of loud colors

Pondering… not again… not now… brother…

… Always chose silence over help from liars…

… Always chose mine over well-being of others…

Well, sometimes, not often

Rarely, to be honest

Perhaps this is why I’m here


The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Playing martyr


It’s merely a play in water


This is not plain water

And it most certainly is not an ocean

I realize this now

It’s a pond deeper than a ponderer’s notion of idealized ghost town

Still playing

Ok, where do I go now?

Lobsters all around

Remembered that they don’t feel pain…

Twitched and flinched and cringed to the image of being boiled in oil with all of them

Finally on ground

Hell’s waiting for us ungrounded,

Under underground,

in line going round and round,

with silver-lined-clouded dumbfounded hollow men

promising that lobster’s land will be ours in the end

Or they are just dumb

And we are just found dead

In a bubble


by growth


Out of breath

Thrown into the blue


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