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Believe that everything is alright

Believe that it was and will be

It is not swell and magnificent

cause magnified

effect is that of a butterfly

… just alright

it’s your right

Can you feel free to be free?

Can I?


Come back to your senses

But beware

A thick barbwire fence defends the area

from the aware

Hence the mess, stress and fear

when it disappears into thin air

I’m getting some chills from last night

Cold world, I guess

That’s life


Photo: yeowatzup / Flickr

Does anyone have the feeling of playing chess with hands tied?

I don’t think we have that much time

I don’t think we have time at all

It has us


The game of loves-me-loves-me-not never stops with daisies

Let’s start with basics

I is eye

iris is iris

iris is Iris

Osiris’s muse

Osiris is essence

Osiris is sight

Simple equation

Easy to use

Is it of use?

Too many questions

Filling my mouth

Drilling each tooth

Rather swallow my pride

And spit out the truth

Than follow the crowd



on mute


this is eye speaking

Blink if you heard


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