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White Noise

Watching ski jumps

On our little TV

Dreaming of slopes

We'll never see

We huddled in the yellow dark

Burning my hair was just a lark

I wasn't scared

No not at all

I only screamed

To frighten you all

I only cried

Just a little bit

But it was a happy cry

Almost a laughing fit

The candle smelled

Like cheap chocolate

Wrapped in foil

And sickly sweet

The flame casting

Shapes on the wall

A rabbit

A swan

A twirling skirt doll

Our heads scraped

Our mountain ceiling

The flights and falls

All done and neat

The champion smiling

With wintry teeth

Sharp glossy hair

And steady feet

Photo: TheEgyptian / Wikimedia Commons

I smiled too

With ruby rust lips

And you got out

Your boots and skies

Got ready to conquer the streets

To sift through all our winters

All of our snows and sleets

Then we stacked our souls

Like Russian dolls

And they were old

And they were cheap

A little smoky at the seams

A little tight for all our dreams

And we watched the wall

Where wild ballerinas

Danced to the beat of the flame

Padded pointe steps

Expertly skipping the blame


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