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Off Course

I had a dream…

It’s about a falcon…

Goodbye and welcome

He seldom took flights

He was the upper class

He booked flights

But, in his book

Not a thing was wrong with the cuckoo’s nest he lived in

He already filmed it

He could read people’s minds…

… in his train of thought

He thought

… Be smart, reborn

And these scars will be gone…

Off course

Of course, he convinced himself that he’s wrong

And right when left alone

He’s already old

His pastime included measuring past time

And cherishing pleasures that passed by

He was that blind

Obsessed with death and mass mind state

He couldn’t take a rest

Put his development under arrest

Just to rest in peace and find grace

Self-proclaimed saint…

With the self-inflicted pain…

Selfish was his name

Baptized in his shame he withered in the rain

He’s a loser and a winner

And neither

It’s the same

He’s a falcon… A high-spirited one… Once

Not something gravity should change

Photo: Jürgen Dietrich / Wikimedia Commons

Months ran their loop…

If they slipped on a piece of his mind

They’d still probably be spiraling down a black hole’s spine…

No rhyme intended

He would peek through this hole

He wanted a key… A solution… A closure

His beak was circumcised by noise-polluting vultures


To be the part of his culture’s inventions

Thin line, almost transparent,

Between his reflection and a mirror

So he indented it

For the clearance

When I woke up

He started his dream voyage…

There were feathers all around my sea cottage.


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