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A Shakespearean Sonnet

Written to commemorate the anniversary of the Bard's death

They stole the stars from the Night, the Sun from the Day,

The parted twins do now together mourn.

Perpetual Earth is stopping dead in its way,

An aching dawn refuses to be born.

The ancient trees are tearing from the root

Losing their balance without you by their side.

The busy winds have lost their ‘customed route

And seek in vain your breath to be their guide.

The living sparks are gone, that sent from your eyes

Awoke the sleepy seeds from th`embacing soil.

The pumping heart lacks energy and dies

Without your loving warmth to power its toil.

Tomorrow's griefs they say the present mend

If so, tomorrow never to me send.

Photo: RIA Novosti archive, image #855342 / Mikhail Ozerskiy / CC-BY-SA 3.0 (taken from Wikimedia Commons)

This poem is part of our Shakespeare 400 initiative.

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