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Mirth’s Lover

Love is like a plant…

If you water it, it grows

You’re a woman, I’m a man…

Or so it shows

In the whirl of lust

One can lose his trust in both.

In the pool of shades

One can boost her hate…or float

Only you can change the way of thinking

Let’s enlarge the picture that’s shrinking

And let’s invade the unknown

And call it our own, before we fall in

Pits that are not our home

Feel the presence of nothingness

And you will feel the loveliness and joy

Destroy the ugliness and coy

Dissolve into utterness of void

Explore the fog and rejoice

Alegrías by Julio Romero de Torres. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The realm of serenity is right here

don’t fight it, smile at it

and your fears will disappear like magic

…and while at it…

They will be as near as white rabbit

In the hat, don’t panic

Drop the habits and be deaf…

To all the voices that we had in our heads...

…those inner threats are lie-managed

Imagine the space so vast it can swallow space

Submerge in it

Don’t follow the traces

They are hollow, erase them

Follow the pace of your heart

And be brave

Start with an ending

And end with a start

Mind and soul…

They’ll be apart

But they’ll meet in a minute

If you are one with the star

And one with the earth…

And water

This is the birth

Of a daughter of mirth’s lover


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