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Let the Light In, or Get Out!

nothing stays as I want it to,

my hair moves to my left –

sometimes to my right when I don’t look

and light shatters in my eyelids

when, eyes closed, in the direction of the sunset I stare;

eyes closed, heart closed, body numb and in thoughts –

in thoughts immortal!

equivalent to an undead.

a beast born from fantasy

and in fantasy raised…

then nothing.

Photo: Deutsche Fotothek‎ / Wikimedia Commons

wind is here to remind me of my mortal form,

my mortal thoughts, my irrational – so called rational decisions,

and time – time moves in circles.

showing me that all I have loved, I have lost!

and I have loved… sometimes, when I forgot how the creature called human


when I forgot the fragility it bears, the fragility it is.

in the balcony, staring towards fields of red:

rooftops, clothes, boring, mundane lives..

my hands shake.

from the sound of those unheard, or from the cold-polluted air.

I suffocate.

as the sun sets

the tiny voice that slowly is growing inside my head

says: “let it go! why do you care?”

I don’t answer.

I close the door

and slowly, descend downstairs.


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