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No, don't look away.

Let me stare at you for a moment,

Let me gaze

into the Maze of your existence.

Don't you recognize me?

It's me.

Your Soul,

Staring back at you.

Please, don't turn away,

there is so much to share.

Don't you remember?

We've known each other for so long -

I am You - Pleased to meet you.

At long last -

a head-on collision.

Don't you try to defy the odds

...and survive.

Let go of what you think you want

and thrive, thrive!

Oh, I could look into your eyes forever

And never get enough.

I know you feel vulnerable, I am too,

but it just feels good to be You

With you

Can't you feel it too?

Oh, please, don't go just yet,

Conquer the fear of being Me

and absorb the sweetness of the moment.

There will be times for the ordinary things.


This is the nectar of life.

This is the Universe flowing between us.

The image is courtesy of Sandra Stojanović.

#creativewriting #artist #poetry #art

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