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Quiet Is What She Needs

Somewhere in this vast world, a girl sits alone underneath a tree with a book in hand. A man walks past. An old lady walks past. Group of kids walk past. A handsome guy walks past. The girl immersed in the story doesn’t see them. But she can hear them. Hoarse, high, low, gruff and penetrating voices are becoming difficult to bear. The girl puts on her headphones and the world goes to a pause. Suddenly the chaos turns into something breathtakingly beautiful – silence. The world that can’t stop talking is silent. Silence is good. Silence is what she needs.

Photo: Unsplash / Pixabay

The girl who is sitting underneath the tree is not sad or angry. She is not afraid of people. This girl is not a future serial killer or psycho. This girl is just an introvert refilling her energy in solitude – which matters most. In a society built for extroversion, where people looking back at the girl are saying ‘You're an obstacle on your own path’, every minute spent alone is a blessing from above. Maybe what they're saying is true. Perhaps the girl is an obstacle in her path, and she's going to stumble over it, over and over again. Then, one day somehow she's either going to bypass or overleap it. For, she herself must continue the path. Not anyone else. Harmed and damaged surely she will be. Washed out even. But there won't be another obstacle to trip over. More importantly, there won't be people asking ‘Are you ok?’ when they, as a matter of fact, don't give a damn about the girl.

If the world would only, instead of talking all the time, dare to listen to the silence. What a spellbinding and marvelous place would that be for the girl to live in. Then, and only then, someone would be worthy enough, to show herself. To welcome someone inside that otherworldly world of hers.

To ask someone to stay inside of it.

This story is courtesy of Bihać Calling.

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