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The fall and rise of a spider

The story of fight, triumph and woes around a small spider, one most unfortunate it goes, and something like this The wind blew strong upon that day and stripped the spider of his bliss and simple living all the food he could want he did have fresh air, sun and simplicity life was giving The web sailed him to a room very dark his gloom had been shaken away by a tungsten sun the rules have changed, and the spider's new life had begun He grew in numbers Food ran scarce, as his tribe grew and grew his alien-like neighbors, long shanked and peaceful the greedy spider ate and slew his kind expanding

With corners of the room conquered completely millions of spiderlings hatching beneath him he proclaimed himself the master of all known just moments before

Photo: Ylvers / Pixabay

A giant figure, with enormous bristled broom in hand simply destroyed every web and nest he saw for the spiders grew too many and for him, they were pests The proud spider's tribe was scooped, and burned in an oven in a giant rusty tomb, they lay in ashes forgotten he managed to escape, his pride shattered and rotten Building a humble web under a cinderblock empty he rose with the sunlight staying on guard as the wind is hefty

This poem is courtesy of Bihać Calling.

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