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If Only I Could

Oh, if you see this magnificent sun in my eyes, I will gladly be your rain, with all my heart, with all my soul, for God likes his puzzles complicated.

Oh, if you are happy, if you find yourself in raptures about this, I will make sure that I become your pain, for the devil likes them even more difficult.

Oh, if you by any chance grow tired of me, know that I will always find a way to slip through the cracks of my brain and get to yours, for Aeolus [1] won’t let the winds subside.

Oh, if you wish to hold me close, I will follow in the footsteps of my habit and slip through the cracks of your ribs, for all my contracts with Aamon [2] are signed in blood.

Oh, lest you wish for fire, I will rain in floods, be still, my dear, don’t burn out, for neither Aether [3] nor Abaddon [4] can solve this for either of us.

Oh, if you can’t mend the wounds, fresh and open, my blood will remind you you’re still alive and broken, for Asclepius [5], no matter how mighty, how big a god, will not let the rotten tread through Heaven.

Oh, should you see the start, the beginning of your life’s better half, I will most probably be the one who cuts the cord and whispers: ‘This is the end, my only friend, the end…’ [6], for Abraxas [7] unites all opposites into one being, and this was our design.

The Lovers' Whirlwind by William Blake.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Oh, love, look at us, there’s no God, no devil, no one who would trade places, no one who could play this game as well as we do, as we slowly slip away into our doom. We are not friends. We are not gods. We are not in love. We are too weak to be demons. Stop asking me. You know God likes his puzzles complicated. What are we? If only I could answer your question.


[1] god of air and the winds

[2] demon - it is stated he knows the past and the future, giving that knowledge to those who would make a pact with Satan

[3] god of light and the atmosphere

[4] appears in the Bible as both a place of destruction and as the name of an angel

[5] god of health and medicine

[6] from the song The End by The Doors

[7] the supreme power of being transcending both God and devil

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