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Song of Love

Keep away by any means from me, my baby, stay away, stay away, until morning brings the need, for me to come. Are we just stars, that wander around in circles, in the dark? Waiting for some changes? I am standing at the shores, and I am waiting for you to come, while strong wind blows, you are the reason of this song, the reason of my love.

Everything that love does, is like a song you don’t understand, but you are playing it again and again. I would like to be the shadow of that boy, that one, standing next to you, but whatever I do, in your eyes, it will be like a movie, you have never seen, but you are missing every single scene.

I am sitting, and I am playing , some old stuff on my old and worn out guitar, that cries for you to come, to hear the sounds of my love.

Photo: Nevena Jovanović

#creativewriting #poetry #love

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