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Everything Wrong with TV Shows, Part 4

This time around, I have decided to write about so many great TV shows that got cancelled and broke our hearts (well, those of us that have one) ‘cause our favorite characters did not have an end to their story (basically, we are selfish since we want closure for ourselves, not for those fictional people). How many times has it happened that you get so addicted to a show and then the network cancels it and your entire life shatters in a second (until you become obsessed with some other TV show )?

This has happened to me on so many occasions I have lost count, but whenever I think of certain shows it stings a bit because so many potentially awesome things could have happened, but no, let’s cancel Graceland and leave Pretty Little Liars to rule the world with their awful acting. On that note, my best friend told me that the storyline of PLL is actually quite good but I cannot bring myself to watch it due to the terrible and unconvincing acting. One would think they would have learned how to act by now but nope. But yeah, newsflash, Graceland got canceled and I will forever (or at least for another two months) mourn it. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with people? I know, shows gets cancelled due to bad ratings but I strongly believe they were not THAT bad.

You call that acting? - A. Photo: ABC Family

Then there is this show which I never got over - Smash. Its entire storyline revolved around preparing a musical about Marilyn Monroe. The show had everything: a great plot, fantastic cast and amazing music and production behind it. It also had great ratings but then the network did the stupidest thing ever and scheduled another season to be premiered a whole year later. Not every show is Sherlock and not everyone is patient enough to wait that long for another episode, so, naturally, the second season of the show flopped. They cancelled it so the series finale was one big disaster. It had so-so moments but it could have gone much better. Now whenever I think of that show, I am mad because of all the ruined potential. Damn you networks, why you gotta ruin everything?

Nowadays, even when a show gets cancelled, that does not mean it is gone forever. A perfect example is The Mindy Project which did get canceled after its third season on FOX but then Hulu (an online streaming service) revived the show and got it ‘renewed’ for a fourth season. The same thing happened with shows such as The Killing and Arrested Development which were also ‘saved’ thanks to another streaming device - Netflix, which also creates original series such as Orange Is the New Black, House of Cards, Daredevil, etc.

Thankfully, there is another show which was saved due to fans’ undying love for it - Veronica Mars. This was a teen show but such an awesome one, it will forever take a special place in my black heart full of TV shows. It ended abruptly after three seasons and none of the numerous stories had any conclusion. Fans signed numerous petitions to convince the network to put this show back on air but to no avail. Then, one day (merely six years later), Rob Thomas, the creator of the show, together with the leading actress Kristen Bell (and several other cast members), took the matter in his own hands and asked fans to fund a campaign on Kickstarter and in 24 hours they exceeded their initial goal of $2 million dollars. The movie was made and all the fans around the world finally got the conclusion to the story and it was quite good may I add; a decent conclusion to the entire plot.

Despite all that, there is actually a show I am happy they finally cancelled - Beauty and the Beast, which is yet another unnecessary show that got to exist for four unnecessary seasons; much like The Carrie Diaries (we don’t want to know what happened before Carrie met Big, we already know the outcome, what exactly the purpose of this entire show was no one knows for sure).

This article would be pointless if I didn’t mention last year’s major bummer (besides Graceland) - Hannibal. Everyone is still in shock over this show being cancelled since it had a major fan base behind it. The question remains; will it be another success story? It is worth mentioning that streaming services (Netflix and Hulu) already rejected the offer to revive the show.

Don’t despair, it took only 6 years for Veronica Mars, I am sure there is a light at the end of the tunnel for all you Hannibal fans, in a decade or so (kidding, don’t eat me).

Hungry for the fourth season. Photo: NBC

Whatever happens, modern technology saves (and destroys) us in every possible way so I will be patiently waiting to see how the story with Hannibal develops (and with the many other TV shows that have yet to be cancelled, sorry to rain on your parade but ya know it is bound to happen).

Just as the above mentioned TV shows, this series of articles “Everything wrong with TV shows” just got cancelled.

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