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The Human Chess Game

Imagine a coloring book. On one side there is a drawing which you are supposed to fill in with color, on the other, there is that exact drawing but colored in. We were taught not to cross the line and to use the exact colors used on the already colored drawing. If you don't follow these rules, you will stand out, but not as a genius, not unique, but different. Different in a way that is not accepted by the majority.

Well, I was always that kid who never used the same colors, who crossed the line, who drew her own drawing.

Why would you want to blend in, when you can stand out? Why would you want to be just like everyone else, why don't you just be yourself?

Photo: Alexis / Pixabay

There are many pawns on the chessboard, but not many queens. You don't want to be a pawn who can move forward just one step at a time, you want to be a queen who can move wherever she wants to and take as many steps as she desires. Yes, sometimes she stumbles upon some obstacles, but somehow she finds the strength to overcome them, to conquer them, to keep moving. She does not obey anyone's rules and plays her game her way.

I want to rule my board the way I want to, not the way someone told me to. No, I don't need anyone jabbering behind my ear about the perfect life I could have if I just played by the book. I'm not your puppet, so that you mold me into what you want. I don't have strings attached to my extremities. So, stop trying to control me.

Whenever I listened to other people's opinions and their view of the way I should do something, I've reached an impasse. So, no, thank you, I would rather make another few mistakes by my own choice, until I eventually succeed, as my mommy would always say: ''You do you.'' And I will be me.

I will be the queen of my own chessboard.

This story is courtesy of Bihać Calling.

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