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All Sinners Drown

At first it is ordinary. Just that door I constantly open and step into the Wonderland I like to call my room. But then, it is different. It emits holy light from every gap at the corners, and there is a round golden handle that twists and turns as if a monster is trapped on the other side and is trying to escape. I have one single thought in my mind — to open it. The carpet is slipping under my feet and it feels like ages until I can finally grip the cold metal handle and open the door. I hear creaking until I am finally met with the secrets of the other side. But there is nothing — or at least nothing in particular — just vastness of trees and grass and everything is green. I feel intoxicated with the scent of after rain leaves and wet grass and it makes me close my eyes. As I look down, I notice I am barefoot and there is sand sucking me in what is supposedly going to be hell. I cannot scream, I cannot move. I cannot also call for anyone, but just as the sand reaches my waist I hear a deep, striking voice.

There is no one there, but I decipher a question. It asks, "Do you have any regrets?" I am baffled at first, but I instinctively answer with "Yes." As the words escapes my lips, I feel pulled into somewhat of a portal, taking me to yet another world. Fortunately, or unfortunately — I cannot decide, I am back in my room with a splitting headache.

Photo: StockSnap / Pixabay (modified)

This story is courtesy of Bihać Calling.

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