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Everything Wrong with TV Shows, Part 3

Good ol’ dramas are behind us, there are still a few soap operas along the way but the classic drama shows are in the past. And if you ask me, that ain’t a good thing. I do miss shows like Gilmore Girls which gave us that good sarcastic witty humor but also a lot of drama along the way. Now, everything is about extraterrestrials, vampires, zombies, monsters, etc. I mean, to be honest, I love all that jazz as much as the next girl but when you are overfed with all that, it kinda gets boring.

Feeling like a zombie. Photo: AMC

Zombies, maaan. I do feel like a zombie way more often than I should. I work night shifts so I barely get any sleep (heeey boss, I ain’t complaining, hehe), I have no energy whatsoever and I train a lot, all my free time I use to get even more work done whether it’s giving English lessons or other tiring mundane tasks. Anyway, the point is that I relate more to the zombies in the movies/TV shows than I do with actual ‘living’ characters.

Having said that, I would like to talk about how zombies are represented in the entertainment industry. If you’d asked me three years ago how I felt about zombies, I would have told you that they terrified me and that I would never ever watch The Walking Dead. Man, oh man, was I wrong. It all started one summer afternoon when I had to study more than usual so I opted for a natural solution, I started watching a new TV show. Very soon, I was hooked and to this day, it is one of my favorite TV shows. I am a hypocrite, I am aware of that, shut up. I was surprised to find out that this show was much more than just zombies, it was about people and their struggles. We learned so much about the characters and some we loved from the very beginning (Heeey there Daryl, hubba hubba) and some we learned to love (high five, Carol) and then some we hated from the beginning and kinda (all the way) celebrated their ending (I do hate that Lori) and some we still hate but try to hide it (Carl, scissors are a thing even in the zombie land).

The Walking Dead. Photo: AMC

So, yeah, the point is that I loved the show even if some seasons bored me to death, and I still love it. So naturally, when they announced a spin-off, I was all aboard on a happy zombie train. I have a specially sceptical friend who said that he was convinced the show would suck because what could they do differently? So I explained they would show us the world just before the zombies, how everything came to be, we would find out more about the epidemic, etc. Unfortunately, my friend was right. It sucks. They did not show more about the virus, they showed us how people react to zombies in the first couple of days of finding out, much surprise there. They did not offer anything new, it is all the same boring stuff. Okay, we don’t have Rick here, we have even more annoying characters. I liked Nick (the junkie) but only in the first episode ‒ quickly you realise that he is just another cliché. His entire family is a cliché. The show revolves around blaming the military, the big bad guys. Characters seem willfully stupid about zombies even after it was obvious that you shouldn't try to reason with them. I mean, come on.

No reasoning with these people. Photo: AMC

And what is the deal with avoiding the word ‘zombie’? This goes for every zombie movie/TV show EVER! The set up is in the modern world so we all know about the zombie word. Then how come no one ever uses it? What is up with that? Is that like a forbidden word or producers don’t wanna sound cliché but then they make their characters and storylines undeniably cliché? So instead of ‘zombie’, the word everyone knows, let us use the walking dead, lurkers, roamers, etc. I am aware that the creator, Robert Kirkman, said that zombie folklore in the fictional universe of The Walking Dead is practically nonexistent, which explains not just the survivors’ struggle to understand what is happening, but also the absence of the word zombie. Well, that sucks.

Anyway, the spin-off was a huge disappointment and I can only hope that this is as bad as it will get. I definitely won’t be watching it - at least not for now.

Daryl Dixon. Photo: AMC

Still, one thing is for sure, I love me some Daryl.

P.S. Brains, eat brains!

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