Shakespeare Day

April 22, 2016, American Corner, Bihać, B&H

Good day, good people!

As the first days of spring kick of, and the mild, shy, sun shines over the verdure, it was time for the city of Bihać to snap out of its winter slumber. 

The opening wake up call came from the students of the English Language and Literature department who  did   what  they do

best, that is, have fun. With the weather still arguing with itself, the students, under the guide of their lovely assistant Alma Huskić, the help of Mirela Midžić and the most needed moral support from assistant Ilhana Škrgić, took advantage of one sunny afternoon and marked the 400 anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, one of the greatest poets in the world of literature.

Although Shakespeare’s characters were fictional, our students managed to bring them to life, at least for a little while, as there was nothing rotten in their acts. We could see a glimpse of Hamlet’s madness, the picture of the undying love shown by our lovelorn Romeo along with our fragile, yet forthright Juliet, Shakespeare himself would be proud of, and the stars did truly hide their fires when the three witches of Macbeth entered the stage. Together with all of these acts we could witness the true greatness of one poet when our superheroes put all their hearts into reading his sonets and      made      them       sound     absolutely


Not to forget, the whole event was carried with the melody of Armin Demirović and Edin Imširović who treated us with their fantastic guitar playing skills and made the acts truly perfect.


















Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.


This article is courtesy of Amir Cucak and Bihać Calling.

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