Many would agree that he is the be-all and end-all of English verse (or the written word in general, for that matter), others sink deeper into their school benches and yawn at the very mention of his name; yet, no one can dispute that the Bard’s work has left a mark so powerful that it stands the test of time.


This year, marking the 400th anniversary of his death, the world has come together in celebrating his life and work, offering testament to the fact that Shakespeare’s verses transcend language, cultural and geographical barriers and borders and have lost neither their beauty nor their truthfulness.


The question is – what is it that makes Shake-speare’s writing so veritable, so universal in nature that each word rings true today just as it did four centuries ago? The answer is much too layered and complex for my humble self to give.


Rather than giving you an explicit answer, I invite you to join us here at the BWP team as we explore this theme and give you some insight into how the anniversary of this great playwright’s death is being marked worldwide.



Your editor,