Nathan William Meyer
Irena Raičević
Nathan William Meyer
The Drop
Jana Živanović
Nathan William Meyer
The Environmentalist
Danica Popović
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The (In)Difference
Jelena Petrović
Nathan William Meyer
Saška Stojakov

She woke up one morning and decided that she had to find something cool to do. Everybody had something - singing in a band, dancing, playing basketball. So she thought, hey, writing’s nice. But she didn’t know that once you enter the dark world of writing you sign the contract with the devil. Once she arrived at the dark side, nobody offered cookies.


When she writes she likes to do it the old fashioned way - a pen and a piece of paper.




              SHE DESERVED IT. She shouldn’t have done that. She allowed him to fool her, like any other stupid young girl would. He just didn’t care. He wasn’t handsome or attractive, but he was rich and powerful. I guess that was more than enough. But her... Out of all women, out of all possible choices. I had to do it. You wouldn’t understand it. It was this palpable tension rising in my stomach, the strong spasm of muscles every time I saw her grinning at his corny jokes. How beautiful she was! She could have had anybody she wanted. I will never understand what she saw in him. I guess it was his Gold MasterCard. I don’t think he could offer her anything else. And the thing that she would never find out is that he chose me first. He invited me to dinner, but I foresaw what type of a man he was. So I simply said no. Okay, maybe I lied a bit. I said I had a headache or something like that. But when I saw the two of them kissing in front of our house…




              A small windowless room. A girl is sitting in a chair with her hands folded on her lap. She is staring at a white wall, motionless, almost as if she wasn’t breathing. The door opens.

              “You could give me a glass of water, you know. I’ve been waiting for some time in here. I’m thirsty.” she says calmly.

           The man places a yellow file on the desk and leaves the room. He returns with a glass of water.

                 “Thank you.” she says after drinking almost half of it in a single gulp.

              The man opens the file, then he presses the button on a pocket size recorder.

               “Check, one, two. Today is the 5th of May, the case file number 236, an interview with Sarah White. Ms. White, where were you on the night in the question?”

               “I was in my office.”

               “What were you doing?”

              “I was working with my colleague on a report that we were supposed to hand in the following day. You see, I work as a personal assistant in the law firm Miller and Sons. And, the most important meeting of the Board of directors is held every first Friday of the month, when they check the work reports from the previous month.”

              “What’s the name of that colleague?”

              “Her name is Hannah Davis.”

              “And her job?”

             “She worked as my opposite number. We were both personal assistants for six months on a trial basis. We were supposed to hear the decision that Friday.”

               “What was this decision about?”

               “Which one of us was going to get the job.”

               “Can you describe your relationship with Ms. Davis?”


Nathan William Meyer
A Trans-European Issue
Jovana Ivetić
Nathan William Meyer
Katarina Šotić
Nathan William Meyer
Anica Marković
Nathan William Meyer
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