Promotional event at the
Polet Art Gallery in Belgrade

On the evening of December 22nd, in Polet Art Gallery, we crowned another successful project – Once Upon the Balkans. This was our most ambitious initiative so far, and it brought together an array of artists – writers, photographers and filmmakers – and with a little mixing and matching, together we celebrated the magic of our region, captured through multimedia storytelling.

The project was extensive, spanning several months, with around 100 participants of all ages (the youngest being 14, the oldest 55) and over 180 submissions from all over the Balkans and further (Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Germany, etc.).

We singled out the best of the best – 5 films and 15 photographs coupled with the corresponding poems and stories, and 10 stand-alone written pieces – which were brought together in a neat little publication and distributed to the audience at the promotion.

At the promotion itself, after the opening remarks by the project coordinator Irena Raičević and Cultural Affairs Officer Erika Kuenne, the participants competed in two categories for valuable prizes: film + written work and photo + written work. Our team selected the finalists and the audience chose the winners after the combined artwork presentations.

We would like to thank everyone who attended the promotion (over a 100 people joined us this amazing evening). Special thanks to the U.S. Embassy and Erika Kuenne for their unconditional support. Last but not least, a big thank you to the people of Polet who hosted the event.

Aaand, congratulations to our lucky winners: Bojan Tarabić and Milan Hristev in the photo + written work category, and Ana Nikolić and a group of high school kids who made the film, namely, David Veselinović, Marko Simić and Helena Ćetojević. The competition was tough, but you guys rocked!

Photos are courtesy of Nathan William Meyer