Nathan William Meyer
Nikola Radenković

Dreamer. Optimist. Free spirit.

Enjoys the profound silence and tranquility of the night. Loves breaking conventions. Never ever ever gives up.

Motto: One man can change the world.
Grateful for: Friends and family.
Life goal: Make people happy.

It’s in Her Eyes

          THEY SAY THE BEST WAY to unwind is by going for a stroll in the park and that was exactly what he needed. A nice, quiet place to clear his thoughts and recuperate as much as he could. He slowly exited his apartment and struggled a bit with the outdated lock, which put up a great fight but finally succumbed after he had hit it a few times. The hallway was filled with the foul stench of something rotten which declared war on his nostrils. He clenched his nose with his left hand as hard as he could but it was futile. His eyes started to tear up and bulge while his face rapidly turned red. He rushed towards the building exit as if his life depended on it and made it just in time not to faint.

          The cool air outside proved effective. He took a few short breaths to regain his footing and headed towards the park. The night had started its reign with the occasional breeze taking yellow leaves for a dance in the moonlight. He lived in a narrow street with trees planted on one side, and a long row of old apartment buildings originating from sometime around the Great War on the other. Even though it was a one-way street located in a quiet part of town, it still had a lot of traffic during the day. With a school just around the corner, the street was usually full of children running restlessly down the sidewalk. But right now it was completely silent. No cars, no people, not even a dog or a cat roaming around. Although he was all alone and midnight was close at hand, the street gave off a strange but friendly glow that made him feel at ease. After a few minutes of his sloth-like walk he finally reached his destination.

          The park had a fence of tall and thick bushes and shrubs planted along its edges. Near the west entrance there once stood an abandoned house which was hit during the bombing. About three years ago, it was demolished and a playground with a couple of seesaws, swings and other children’s favorites was built there. He stood at the entrance for a few minutes, as if hypnotized.

        Different images started popping up before his eyes. A slim girl with dark curly hair and a pale face appeared in front of him. His heart started beating faster and faster as if it wanted to break out of his chest, his hands began shaking and his whole body trembled. The collage in his mind transformed into vivid memories. Everything around him started spinning as if he was in the middle of a vortex, pulling him deeper and deeper. Read more...