Nathan William Meyer
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Nathan William Meyer
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Nathan William Meyer
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Nathan William Meyer
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Nevena Todorović

22, spent childhood in Libya and Syria, and has loved exploring the world ever since. Now a student at the University of Belgrade and a writer (if writing poems that end up at the bottom of desk drawers counts). Hoping to traverse the globe over and across, and write some more along the way.




I can't stop it

 - the switch

   from the gentlest tidal wave to


-          this whirlpooling wreckage of splinters and skin.


    I'd kill it off,

        but it

-           it keeps pulling me under


I'm reduced to a mere molecule - lost in the bonds


- unstable, reactive, colliding with thoughts.

Nathan William Meyer
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Jelena Petrović
Nathan William Meyer
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Nathan William Meyer
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Nathan William Meyer
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