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The Sounds of Silence

“Hello, Cinn.”
That voice instantly makes me turn around.
I propped myself up on my good arm to a semi-sitting position.
“What are you doing here?”
“I… don’t know. How are you?”
“I’m doing ok.”
“So, we’re starting with the lying, then?”
Can’t hide it from her after all.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“You don’t, huh?” she said softly, without looking at me, as she ran her hand over the fabric of the adjacent bed.
Silence descended on the room. My breathing slowed as she leisurely moved toward the rain-stained window, where she stopped, looking at things unknown. With a practiced move, she tucked her blonde hair behind her ear. Even under this fluorescent light, her hair looked glossy. I looked at the reflection of her violet eyes gracing the window. She was so perfect, even the rain drops couldn’t disturb her reflection. I kept silent, afraid that if I said anything she would disappear. We both remained frozen… listening to the rain fall. After this short-lived eternity, she spoke. Her hands were crossed and she still wasn’t looking at me.
“You really gave us a fright, Cinn.”
“I know. I’m—”
“Sorry. I know you are.”
She glanced at the floor, then over her shoulder, at me.
“When they told us you were hit…” she looked at the window again. “On the way here all I could think of was that evening we spent on the beach. How we watched Orion hunt across the endless heavens as we waited for the night to turn to day. I did not get half the stuff you were yammering on about but it was just wonderful how you saw the beauty in everything. The way you talked made me see it too… Damn you, Cinn…”
Finally, she turned towards me.
“Never do that to me again.” 

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