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Jokingly takes a lot of things seriously. Uses humor as a defence mechanism against the other side of life. Finds a lot of enjoyment in food.



Once, there was a group of friends that held a workshop twice a week. Then, one day, they became much more. No one knew how, but all of a sudden, they were able to produce magic. One of them could spit fire, which, when you think about it, is not at all pleasant, although it did keep them warm in times of need, and there were many of those.
For instance, one of the friends could open portals, but exclusively to other continents. They visited deserts, oceans, volcanoes – those kinds of fun places.
This one time, they got stuck – their travelling friend had fainted from using too much magic – another friend had to fly them home. The problem was she could only carry one person at a time.
Their trip back was similar to one of those brain teasers where a fisherman can only take either the wolf, or the cabbage, or the sheep alone, onto the other side of the river, and make sure to transport them all in the right order, as if that could really prevent the wolf from eating the sheep. Actually, the wolf would probably just eat them all.
But this was different. It took way longer and contained fewer animals. Perhaps they wouldn’t have been so hungry if they had at least some. That was when Anek lost the lower half of his leg going through the portal, because the travelling friend had woken up to find that only the two of them remained, so they thought ‘eh what the heck’. However, Oogor was too tired and half-juiced. The portal didn’t stay open long enough for both of them to go through. Of course, Anek forgave him, but everyone knew Oogor had never forgiven himself. Everything would have been fine if Anek could have grown another limb, but he couldn’t. At least not yet. The only thing that came out was a weirdly shaped bone – thick and strong. So he covered it with cow skin.
Then there was Mokana. The special one. And she… oh, she was special alright. Not because she had an amazing power – all she could do was move objects with her mind when there were no other people in a two-kilometre radius. What made her so special was her ability to annoy the hell out of everyone else. Everyone except Oogor. But then again, he liked her.
She had a phase when the only thing she would say to people – if she found that their words, nay, their existence, differed from her own – was a stern and loud ‘wrong’. On one occasion, Lit went up in flames. Literally. So Oogor gave himself the task of calming things down by going from person to person saying: “I actually think you are correct,” “You know, it’s one of those days…”, and “Who cares what she says, you do you.” That did not help much, other than making Mokana switch from ‘wrong’ to ‘no’.
The only one left was Kanar. He didn’t have any powers, but he tried not to let that get to him. After all, he took their little workshop seriously and actually wanted to do something else with his life other than ‘mindless magicking’.

They were sitting in a small, warm room. Lit had spat some fire into a barrel to keep them warm, and to give them light since all the electricity was gone now. Oogor had consumed it all for the portals. It didn’t help that they hadn’t paid the bills in over three months.

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