Nathan William Meyer
Luka Novković

Organic synthesist by day, explorer of imaginary universes by night. His wizard’s robe used to be white, but multicoloured stains, rips and scorch marks changed that a long time ago. Scientific journals in his bag are crammed between tomes of magic. In a nutshell? An alchemist.

Also loves winter, eating until he can barely stand (sweets especially), laughing out loud and sizzling guitar solos.

The Beholder

         OK, STOP. Stop. STOP! There you go, good man. Stop and think for a second. Who are you? Where are you? What are you doing? Think! Ok, ok, I’m thinking. I am… I am… My name is… Shit, what’s my name?! Can’t remember now. What else? I know! I know what I am! I’m scared. Idiot, of course you’re scared. But this is different. I wasn’t scared before. I mean, I was, but not all the time. I wasn’t jumpy, but you could scare me if you burst out of a dark corner screaming. My friend (I had a friend? I still do. What’s his name? Her name? Not important.) did that to me once; I leapt like 5 feet backwards and landed on my ass. We (We? Who’s we?) all laughed about it later (When was that?). This isn’t it. This is like… this is like…

        This is like a movie soundtrack. I know. Like when you’re watching a horror flick, and the eerie music starts to build up, and you just know that something very, very bad is about to happen, and all of your muscles clench, your breathing nearly stops, and the music keeps going, a bit louder now, it’s gonna happen, any second now, the heroes suspect nothing, but you, you know, and it makes it all the more terrifying. It’s like the danger is not on the screen, but in the same room as you are, looming over you. And then, the music stops. Hell breaks loose. The monster is in the open, the killer swings his ax and people are dead. Or worse. But the tension is broken, it’s time for action, fight or flight. Yes, yes, just like that, but the music never stops. There’s no release. The monster is always there. Like it’s, like it’s… feeding on my fear, and can’t get enough of it. But it… doesn’t care really. I know it. It’s just there, watching me. Or trying to watch me. No more watching. I put a stop to that. Your name? Don’t know. Next question.

          Where are you? Where am I? This… this looks like my house. Yes, it’s my house! I’m in the lobby.

         Great, at least you got that right. What are you doing? What am I doing? I’m waiting for the… for the… ummmm… for the cops! The cops are going to come! But… Ok, stop. But why are… No! Don’t… They are going to come because… Because I… oh, my God, what have I…

       Hold it! Stop right there! Not now. Now is not a good time for that. You’re not ready yet. You need to go through it slowly. Remember when it all started? Read more...