Kosovo in Our Pocket began with students from several faculties overhearing each other and their curiosity got the best of them. They realized they liked to discover places, and they liked to meet people. They are resourceful and inspired. The dream became a reality as the writer's shared their first sketches in writing and discussed the places in Kosovo that spoke to their hearts.




By finding students from around the country, the idea of collecting non-fiction travelogues, vlogs and reviews grew into adding video projects with fictional story lines, collecting oral histories and adding poetry and photography to the mix.




This project is spearheaded by Sara Vandenberg, Aferdita Gashi, and Leonik Sahiti. They along with the other members, Nderim Beqiraj, Kenan Pallusha, Majlinde Leci, and Leonita Brahaj, passionately work towards making their plans a reality. The group hopes to publish and create an online presence as they discover Kosovo and the Balkans.