Luka Novković
Maša Ivanović
Vera Novković
Dinner & Time, Act Three
Katarina Šotić
The End of the World
as I Know It
Milica Joksimović
Creation's Ode
(My Eyes in Yours Lie)
Ranko Radojević
A Single Vessel
Dejan Kojić
Nathan William Meyer
Katarina Šotić

A girl in a city in a country in the world.

Dinner & Time, Act Three


Open to a wide living room, empty of furniture. A couple of boxes are stacked to the side, in the corner. Slow pan from window to open door, clockwise to--
Long and cramped with polished pans and utensils under a single ceiling light [LED]; a table under a huge window unfolds next to a stove with a touchpad. A left hand presses the ON button. Hum of stove heating up.
     WIDE SHOT: MAN, he is slightly bent over.
MAN turns to bagged groceries on the counter and starts to sort them: a packet of spaghetti; a block of cheese; minced meat; two tomatoes and an onion; a stick of celery; a small bottle of spices.
MAN reaches into another plastic bag and pulls out a small jar of olives. He frowns.
          I thought we said no olives tonight?
Faint sounds from the other part of the apartment: scraping. MAN continues to sort food, throws the bag away. Shot of a flapping bin lid.
     OFFSCREEN SOUND: a yelp
          Fucking hell!
          Fourth time today already.
               (still distant)
          Well I keep banging my toes on
          all this shit.
          Don’t cuss.
          He should just throw it away.
WOMAN appears in the kitchen doorway; she has her hands on her hips. She steps inside and leans on the table, taking the jar of olives off it.
CLOSE VIEW of polished nails.
          Had a craving, that’s all.
She looks straight at MAN#1. He takes the jar and slams it into the fridge, just as MAN#2 shows up at the door. He is limping.
          I think I finally broke them.
MAN#2 bends and looks at his toes, then glares at MAN#1.
               MAN#2 (CONT’D)
          And it’s all your fault.
          I’ll pay for the damages.
          Stay at the door, there’s barely
          enough room for me here.
WOMAN hops onto the table, swings her legs.
          Here you go!
     WIDE SHOT: MAN#1 on the right, next to the stove; WOMAN perched on the edge of table, in the middle; MAN#2 standing next to her, pan to left. Framed in the window is the city’s skyline.
The sun is setting.
MAN#1 starts to cup up the vegetables, as MAN#2 crosses his arms and leans against the doorframe. CLOSE VIEW of WOMAN looking outside the window – her POV, busy city street: slow and heavy traffic, sweltering mist above the pavement, people going home from work.
          Wanna talk about it?
          Nothing to talk about.

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