Nathan William Meyer
Jovana Ivetić

Oh, yes I am wise,

But it's wisdom born of pain.

Yes, I've paid the price,

But look how much I gained.

If I have to, I can do anything!

I am strong,

I am invincible,

I am woman!


Born in 1992; presently living all around the world; fairly optimistic. Life motto: Dreams DO come true; you just need to try hard enough.

It’s So Easy Loving You

          I WAS SO EXCITED to finally be wasting my first humble salary from my first official job. When they told us it was going to be on Friday, I cancelled all my Friday evening plans and rescheduled my plans to the following:

·    finish work at 5.20 PM the latest,

·    leave the building before 5.40 PM,

·    reach the nearest Women’s Secret,

·    and get that sexy underwear you had noticed at the beginning of the month.

          I was lucky enough not to have too much work towards the end of the shift so I cleaned up my desk, rushed to the toilet before my other colleagues could outrun me, and left the offices at 5.29 PM.

         The white lace panties and bra were safely placed in my paper bag. Having left the underwear store I headed towards the most fragrant shop in the centre. Three strawberry scented candles will be just perfect. He loves those. I’ll bring some chocolate, too. It’s good that we didn’t meet on Wednesday. My hair was not at its best that day. Today is a perfect day. This evening is going to be magnificent. This night will be amazing.

         It doesn’t matter that I have to be at my parents’ home tomorrow before 9.00 AM. Usual family breakfast, then Saturday shopping for the greenery as my father calls all the healthy foods. I’ll make it. I’ll be at their place exactly at 8.55 AM. Will and I really should see each other. I miss him. It’s been a whole week.

         I reached my apartment at 7.45 PM, threw off my business clothes and jumped into the shower. In less than ten minutes the whole room smelled of my strawberry shower cream.

        Before diving into my wardrobe in search of an adequate dress for that night, I texted him:

       I’m leaving the apartment in less than 20 mins. Will be there before 9.

       When I returned the scissors I used to cut off the price tags from my sexy underwear to the drawer, my phone let out a beep.

         Sorry, Beth, some friends are dropping by. I can’t make it tonight.


       It was a long, hot summer day when a gorgeous blonde walked past a new bar at the city quay. Three more girls of the similar age giggled around her.

        Neither too old a girl, nor too young. Not too tall, not too short. Her hair was sun-kissed, all the way to her shoulder blades. Her legs, bronzed by the summer sun at a Spanish beach, lightly stepped over the boiling pavement, stretching under a decent, but still provocatively short white dress to her perfect little brown platform shoes. She used her arms to explain something to her friends. The dark maroon on her fingernails matched the colour on her toes.

          He noticed all that.