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Born in August 1992; Living in Belgrade (temporarily); Writing since the age of 13; Always having great ambitions, plans and ideas; Extremely positive and optimistic about life and future.


Life motto - Dreams do come true, sooner or later, one way or another.


Favourite quote:

Oh yes I am wise! But it's wisdom born of pain! Yes, I've paid the price! But look how much I gained! If I have to, I can do anything! I AM STRONG, I AM INVINCIBLE, I AM WOMAN!!!


A Trans-European Issue


          A TALL BRUNETTE WITH straight hair was sipping her icy lemonade, her eyes roaming over the cement landscape from one of the tallest buildings in Sofia, Bulgaria. So much workload, so little time, she thought, reminiscing about her university days when she saw her future completely different from this one happening now. Accounting. Who would have thought! But surprisingly enough, she liked it. Or the money it brought her. She was not sure but she knew she was satisfied.

          An unexpected email chirp made her jerk a little. What it read made her flutter.

                    Tea at 5? Suits you? :)

          There is only one person in this huge world who used to ask me this, she thought, her legs shaking so much that she had to sink into her dark brown leather armchair.

          There was also a file attached.

          Lana Del Rey’s Blue Jeans.

          Natasha smiled and tears of mixed shock, confusion and exhilaration almost made their way through her thick mascaraed lashes.




          After months of e-mailing, thinking up persuasive motivational letters and fighting her way through the competition of the best students at her university, Natasha finally managed to enroll in an English language course in London. It happened that cold September morning while Lana Del Rey was letting her hoarse, sexy voice through the main city radio station, that she received an email from the international London school of English confirming that she had won a semi-scholarship for the three-month course of her favourite language.

          She landed at Heathrow with Lana whispering Burning Desire into her ears. She immediately grew fond of the British air. She knew God had made a mistake placing her in Bulgaria. She loved the buses, shops, boutiques, sights and monuments, bars and pubs, wind and rain, and most of all, she loved the people. She had always loved them, but never before had been given a chance to meet them.

          On the very first evening upon her arrival, Natasha was sitting in a spacious classroom with two other girls her age from South Africa. They were about to have an introductory class, meet other members of the group, share their backgrounds, interests and motives for coming to London. After a while, a laughing group of six girls and three boys stormed into the classroom. They were from Scandinavia and Africa. What a mixture of nationalities! thought Natasha after all of them had introduced themselves. She was the only one from the Balkans and therefore very interesting to the others who had all come in pairs. After only two days of consistent and detailed learning, scrutinising the English language, Natasha talked in a relaxed and calm manner, the way she never could back home. It was obvious all of them loved English almost as much as their native language and this love was the solid bond that made them approachable to each other. Read more...

Nathan William Meyer
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