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I find myself to be a place.


A place ‘where the actual and the imaginary meet’. A place where I go to listen to metal music, the only one that helps me find peace. Where I go to read books and breathe (both of which I do painfully slowly). Where I go to ‘sit down and bleed out’ on the paper and maybe get a chance to write something down.


I am made of fire and water. Also, my birthday is in December.

Where to Now?

Raise your glass

In the name of everything

That’s sunk beneath the surface.

Raise your glass

To honor the fact

That you would swallow the embers

Of your victory

Only to destroy the evidence

Only to make it less significant

Because we all know how hard it is to be wrong.

Raise your glass

To all kinds of memories

That seeped through your skin

As you were sliding further into chaos.

Raise your glass

To all the dry lips

And the dry walls

And to the passing of time.

So reckless of you to think you can ever change that.

Raise your glass

To all the closed windows

And all the closed doors

And all the times you were forgetful

Of how it hurts to be wrong.

Raise your glass

For what the future might bring

For all that might resurface

And break your precious hourglass.

The soul remembers.

Avoid eye contact.

Propose a toast

To all the damned

Breathing down your neck

Begging for more time

Demanding resolve.

Propose a toast

To the dreams you renounced

To the vetoed places and names and people.

Leave it all deep in slumber.

Propose a toast

To you and your shadow

To sanity, to apathy

To the mantle that you wear when you pretend to be God.

Propose a toast

To the wounded

To their scars, to their lost battles

To their broken hands

Shattered worlds.

Propose a toast

To your kith and kin

To all that deem your desperate orders

Dangerously unpredictive.

Thank them; they still pay you reverence.

Propose a toast

To the insignificant.

Their pleas are the loudest.

This is where they all belong.

There are no remedies

For their lifelong regret.

Raise your glass and drown in sin.

Propose a toast and hope to win.

We’re gathered here and we will bow.

We pray for forgiveness – where to now?

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