Nathan William Meyer
Irena Raičević

Irena is the sum of her experiences. Good, bad, any… She gathers them all passionately and hopes to have a valuable collection when she grows up.


Some of those experiences were:


The Treasure of the Sierra Madre by B. Traven,

Trip - an anthology of American beat poetry,

The God of Small Things by A. Roy,

The Cyclist Conspiracy by S. Basara,

The Unbearable Lightness of Being by M. Kundera,

and everything by Amélie Nothomb.


Be a Friend

What do you want
He said
Let me in
I said
With my hair wet
And my eyes wet
And my voice dry

I need
A shelter
From the storm
Where I can smoke
Shut out the sounds
Just sit
In silence

Let me in
I said
Be a friend
I said
And the door closed
And the lock clicked
And my heart sank.